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Volume 8, Number 1, February 2017, pages 7-12

Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Coronary Heart Disease in Symptomatic Subjects With Advanced Vascular Atherosclerosis of the Carotid Artery (Type III and IV b Findings Using Ultrasound)


Figure 1.
Figure 1. Type III in the carotid duplex with TPA under the age-related cut-off.
Figure 2.
Figure 2. Type IV b in the carotid duplex with TPA above the age-related cut-off.


Table 1. Test Results of the 40 Patients With a Type III or IV b Finding in the Ultrasound Examination
PROCAMTPAPlaque thicknessType ultrasoundSymptomsRFPTPDiagnosticsCoronary resultTherapyExercise ECG
TPA: total plaque area; FA: family history positive; DM: diabetes mellitus; HDL: HDL-cholesterol ≤ 40 mg/dL; LDL: LDL-cholesterol ≥ 180 mg/dL; AP: angina pectoris; coro: coronary angiogram; CT: computed tomography; HS: main stem; RF: risk factor; Nik: nicotine use; KHK: coronary heart disease; PTP: pretest probability; GE: vascular disease; ACS: acute coronary syndrome.
2.23%1924.6IV bDyspneaLDLExercise ECG, coroSmooth vesselsNoneNegative
4.60%1302.4IV bAtypical APNik, FA14%Exercise ECG, coroSmooth vesselsNoneNegative
35.32%1612.4IV bAtypical APDM, HDL49%Exercise ECG, CTSclerosisConservativeNegative
35.97%1863.2IV bTypical APNik, LDL84%Exercise ECG, CTSclerosisConservativeNegative
39.91%1362.1IV bAtypical APNik, HDL,LDL, FA38%CT, coroSclerosisConservative
11.10%2835.2IV bDyspneaNikExercise ECG, coroSclerosisConservativeNegative
2.73%1794.1IV bTypical APKeine84%CoroSclerosisConservative
27.31%1664.7IV bDyspneaNik, LD, HDL, FACTSclerosisConservative
8.92%1343.1IV bTypical APKeine84%Exercise ECG, CTSclerosisConservativeNegative
11.06%1313.4IV bAtypical APLDL,FAExercise ECG, CT30% stenosisConservativeNegative
32.82%1923.1IV bAtypical APNik, FA49%CT30% stenosisConservative
9.32%1312.2IV bDyspneaNikCT30% stenosisConservative
16.26%1333.3IV bDyspneaNik, HDL, FAExercise ECG, CT, coro30% stenosisConservativeNegative
4.00%1283.5IV bNoneFAExercise ECG, CT30% stenosisConservativeNegative
44.18%1202.3IV bTypical APNik, HDL, DM77%Coro30% stenosisConservative
3.65%1163.2IV bDyspneaNik, FACT30% stenosisConservative
8.17%2604.3IV bTypical APHDL,FA77%Exercise ECG, coro30-40% stenosisConservativeNegative
31.00%1193.7IV bDyspneaLDL,FAExercise ECG, CT, coro40% stenosisConservativeNegative
4.22%1963.6IV bDyspneaKeineExercise ECG, CT50% stenosisConservativeNegative
36.90%1852.4IV bNoneLDL, DM, FAExercise ECG, CT50% stenosisConservativeNegative
21.38%1803.0IV bDyspneaLDL, HDLExercise ECG, CT,coro50% stenosisConservativeNegative
8.32%1274.2IV bDyspneaLDLExercise ECG, coro50% stenosisConservativeNegative
9.38%1302.3IV bTypical APNik. HDL, FA69%Exercise ECG, coro50% stenosisConservativeNegative
5.35%1923.5IV bTypical APKeine84%Coro60% stenosisConservative
13.80%2303.6IV bDyspneaNik, LDL, FAExercise ECG, coro60% stenosisConservativeNegative
6.40%2384.4IV bTypical APNik, DM58%Exercise ECG, coro60-70% stenosisConservativeNegative
15.82%1222.3IV bSynkopenLDL, HDL, NikExercise ECG, CT, coro60-70% stenosisConservativeNegative
5.88%913.8IIINoneFAExercise ECG, CT, coro70% stenosisConservativeNegative
3.95%1312.2IV bNoneKeineExercise ECG, CT, MRT, coro70% stenosisStentingPathological
21.56%2112.5IV bAtypical APHDL, DM49%Exercise ECG, CT, coro80% stenosisStentingNegative
18.93%1302.3IV bAtypical APLDL, FA49%Exercise ECG, CT, coro80% stenosisConservativeNegative
6.28%1362.5IV bTypical APNik, LDL47%Exercise ECG, coro80% stenosisStentingNegative
12.05%2443.5IV bAtypical APDM, FA28%Exercise ECG, coro80% stenosisconservativePathological
18.07%1843.2IV bTypical APNik, FA77%Exercise ECG, coro90% stenosisConservativeNegative
10.60%1042.3IV bTypical APFA, Nik69%Exercise ECG, coro95% stenosisStentingNegative
12.13%1662.8IV bTypical APLDL, FA77%Exercise ECG, coro98% stenosisStentingNegative
11.62%1142.3IV bTypical APLDL77%Exercise ECG, coro100% stenosisStentingPathological
11.29%3204.3IV bDyspneaHDLExercise ECG, coro100% stenosisStentingNegative
5.76%2823.4IV bTypical APKeine84%CoroHS-stenosisBypass
10.14%1452.8IV bTypical APLDL, HDL77%Exercise ECG, coroHS-stenosisBypassPathological